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The Fluffingtons

Im a pop art painter three weeks ago I decided to set up a small webshop.Its a bit harder than I thought I wanted to share my designs for feedback & just the day to day thought & ideas.About the shop & general stuff like me being annoying embarrasing moments & rubbish

Sunday, December 04, 2005

xbox 360 & neo pets ??!! I must of be on a dessert island

I was just perusing Ebay & was amazing at the crazy prices the xbox 360 is being sold for .a couple have finished near the £2000 mark.I cant understand it I mena we know they are short supply now but that always happens with the latest console.Why would someone want to pay x8 the prices just to have it a couple of months in advance of it being widley availible?
Is it that good or are parents just so eager to please their kids at chritmas or grown so keen to have it while they off work over christmas? I dont know its just everyone seems caught in the hype.
What happened when did i get so old at 25? I think i cut myself out the loop my sister in law was telling me something about neopets as i didnt know what she was going on about when she said she had to feed something on her computer or it might poo on something....maybe she should pay more attention to her living pet.
granny rant dont for the day.I will lighten the mood with another couple of desings that have been added to my shop & an anounment that we put the tree up today it looks suitably tacky woo hoo i forgot we own a tree decoration of a gold santa in roller skates.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Whats happened to cinema?!

Whats happened to cinema?! enough of the sugary sweet children & plastic action heros.Today I met up with my frind Rachel did a bit of shopping. Then planned to see a film .Looking at what was on we decided to keep to shopping .Maybe I am being far to fussy but some fault of hole was found with that was listed.Im 25 female A bit alternative. No one too freaky I think…?
Here what was on offer and my personal thoughts on why I couldn’t be bothered to sit through two hours of it.
Yes ok I wouldn’t mind seeing it but I cant help but think it has jumped on the classic fantasy book being turned in to a film surge….I can see im being arsey

Pre booking doesn’t count I would see in fact I will see it when its out after seeing the trailer I think maybe Philip Seymour Hoffman would have been better than jack black.

Im not swayze crazy there is one place for him and that’s 1987 in dirty dancing

No idea what this but have a sneaking suspicion its boring correct me if im worng

Jodie why did you turn down Hannibal for panic room.im still too much in a mood with you to watch flight plan and me thinks it may turn out that 1. your crazy or 2. your husband is still alive and has snatched your daughter.

Bit silly probably wait for dvd.

I had a sick enjoyment from transporter 1 it was so cheesy.Couldnt beat xxx though
Yes here I am the only person in the world that hasn’t seen any of the films read any of the books and has no desire too.

Girly bonding

Bit heavy for after shopping movie bit heavy for anything really im sure its good


Middle class English kids and goofy nanny um next


I wanted to see this but they only had it on in the morning.

Got back from shopping to find i sold some things made my day seems like the gingerbread man is quite popular with the babies the person ordered two. :)

Friday, December 02, 2005

Dream/nightmare about The Charlie & the chocolate factory squirrels

Dream/nightmare about The Charlie & the chocolate factory squirrels.At 25 I havent grown out of bizaree childlike dreams.Last night i dreamt that the squrrels in Charlie & the Chocolate factory were infact hundreds of my cat.Instead of nut she kept taking my money she would peel it & it was chocolate money made of lindt chocolate ...which seemed to make me more aggitated.as I was angry she would dare take my chocolate hahahah I dont know I have more silly dreams.
Better get ready im going to wtch the libertin with my friend Rachel a johnny depp theme is apparent here.

Rare Beck gifts help!

Beck website is so brilliant just spent over an hour on there while trying to find rare beck gifts help!
The vidoes are superb and god is he easy on the peepers!

I find myself drawn to my blog again.My husband is away for the evening & Im left to search search for his chirstsmas presents.He as am i is a huge beck fan he owns almost all rare albums b sides t shirts & and merchandise.What the hell can i get him have i missed something?!

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Sh*t from shinola?

Sh*t from shinola?

I have updated the site with a couple of new designs to the Fluffingtons yesterday Russian dolls & gorgeous the Guinea pig yesterday I really like them hahaha god excuseme Im leaving the computer to go & blow my own trumpet the sounded so big headed!
have a look see what you think?

Emedding her cat claws in to my leg !

My fist posting to my blog.If anyone is reading this get comftable.
I am going to document the highs & lows of trying to set up and promote my cafepress thefluffingtons gift & clothing shop

God my back hurts! Im typing with sheer frustation.My cat fluffingtons is unaware sleeping beside me ..ah no she isnt as i write she has stretched right out embedding her cat claws in to my leg.um yes thanks I love you too Fluff.

I started this site about 3 weeks ago.Previously ...& still do sell hand painted pop art.
i was getting a bit wrestless.the market can be overfloaded.for 3 days work of painting the profits are very low.
Anyway I named it my site after our cat my black & white shadow the Fluffingtons.

I love kitsch images fun desingns so set to work putting images i had made ...i also made a bundle more and began the website .I guess a lot of my images still look pop arty thats were a big peice of my heart is.
Im not really computer great with computersbut I wanted/still want to learn.
I began applying my images to baby clothes dog and cats coats sweaters hoodies t shirts mugs calenders throw cusdhions etc. Finally my set was set up.
I liked the desings my family & friends like the designs...but insecurity sets in are they nice enough?? do poeple really like them.
I realize oh poo! how do i get people to my site ??!! i spent 2 weeks registering with serch engines and directories and free adds...Im finally on google and ive had over 1000 visiters but no non family /friends purchases.
if this mornal...am i not observing something others are? help
if anyone is out there please give me an outsiders veiw.

The Fluffingtons